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To fix the metal, the self-tapping screw can make your life easier. Here’s everything you need to know about these particular screws.

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Area of ​​application: metal fastening

All about the self-tapping screw

What is a self-drilling screw?

When we need to fix a metal, we must first point it out (mark the location of the hole), drill and finally hit the support. With the self-drilling screw (also known as the self-drilling screw), the screw takes care of almost everything.

The self-drilling screw is made up of three different parts, each of which will play a defined role:

  • Drill bit tip pierces metal, extends through slot to clear out metal debris
  • Wider helical body allows it to adhere to metal for fastening
  • Finally, the flat head offers maximum contact surface with the support.


As we just saw, the self-tapping screw is the all-in-one metal fastener and can save you a lot of time by not having to change machines or the tip of each screw.

The other advantage lies in the precision, with the self-tapping screw, it is fixed as soon as it is in position, avoiding unwanted movements.

Areas of use

What I just told you, it doesn’t matter if I tell you that self-drilling screws are designed to secure metal.

As for the materials it can fix, the self-drilling screw can be used on sheet metal, aluminum, steel, etc.

So for example we can use it:

  • In mechanics: to join body parts or in washing machine
  • For doors and windows: to fix the frame
  • For heating: to fix aluminum ducts.

The different types of screws

Self-drilling screws, which are usually found in DIY stores, are made of steel, but zinc / stainless steel is also possible.

So if you want to be serene, go for a galvanized one, it will stand the test of time better.

Regarding the shape, there are all lengths, for the head, the choice is also quite wide: wide, round, countersunk, hexagonal … Personally, I prefer hexagonal screws, it offers a good grip for the screwdriver , which facilitates its screwing and unscrewing without damage.


Self-tapping screws are found in all brands of tools, such as Spax, fischer, etc.

How to use them?

Using a self-drilling screw is super simple, here is an example of how to do it:

  1. Put the metal plate in place and hold it there.
  2. Using a screwdriver (drill or screwdriver for the bit suitable for the screw head, place the self-tapping screw vertically where you want to fix the metal.
  3. Start screwing by pressing firmly and continuously.
  4. The tip of the screw should pierce the metal and begin to sink in until the head reaches the bracket.

Useful tools

To use a self-drilling screw, you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver bit
  • Bosch 2607017164 43 Piece Bit and Socket Set Price: EUR 20.39 Reserve price: EUR 32.18
  • DT71572-QZ Set of 45 high performance screwdrivers Price: 13.69 EUR Old price: 23.68 EUR
  • Hitachi KC18DJLF Drill Driver 2 x 18 V 2.5 Ah + 100 Accessories Price: 175.18 EUR

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For all DIY jobs, remember to use the proper guards.

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