Apply an acrylic finishing pad. – DIY manual

To obtain a perfect finish, it is sometimes necessary to apply a buffer to the corners of the walls, etc.

DIY Category: Painting

Difficulty level: 1/5 (1/5 is very easy)

Duration: 15 minutes to apply a buffer to a baseboard or a molding.

Why is it?

It’s not necessarily useful, but I like a job well done so I don’t limit myself to the materials, especially if I plan to paint them later, so a clear acrylic stamp is often applied for a cleaner result …

The steps to apply an acrylic stamp:

  1. Clean the support
  2. The substrate must be dry
  3. Using a cutter, pierce the stamp cartridge
  4. Screw the cannula onto the cartridge
  5. Apply the acrylic sealant calmly using a putty gun, trying to be as constant as possible
  6. Smooth and remove excess with wet finger
  7. Let it dry
  8. With this support it is ready to be painted.

The necessary tools:

  • Putty gun
  • An acrylic stamp cartridge (white or other colors)
  • A cutter.


Apply an acrylic joint when assembling two different types of supports, wood / plaster, plaster / concrete …

Recommended products:

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Judicial advice:

Some products are dangerous: follow the precautions for use.

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