What is the Best Cordless Drill Holster | Review and Buying Guide

The Cordless drill holster is one of the most useful construction clothing that anyone from hobbyists to professionals can buy. You keep your most common tools and parts close by while you save your back from bending over again and again. Better still, a good tool belt allows you to organize your most common tools in a way that you can take for granted. After all, achieving the tool you need will be instinct.

The common tool belt has evolved over the past few years. While you come up with a simple, three, or five … MORE bag belt for work in the garage or yard, you want something bigger for professional work. Large suspension devices that wrap around your shoulders and hips will have more pockets/partitions as you take more weight off your hips. You can even find special straps like a drill holster to keep your drill press close at all times.

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Top 5 Best Cordless Drill Holster

1. Dewalt Drill Holster

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If you’re looking for something that looks and feels more traditional, the DEWALT DG5103 is the tool belt that has the most. With a central, large body that is divided into different pockets, you can easily put the tool bag around your belt. The main pocket is big enough to hold large tools like a flashlight or electrical tape. Store the bag out of the way or place it in the front and center so you can see your tools and parts as you work.

The belt is also equipped with several practical loops and sleeve pockets that can be put around the main pocket. The loops hold large hand tools like hammers and screwdrivers, while the smaller pockets are perfect for screws and nuts that are easy to lose.

2. TR Industrial Drill Holster

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At the other end of the size spectrum, a large tool belt like the TR Industrial 88021 gives you enough space to carry almost anything you need for long projects. This is ideal for large construction sites or multi-day projects where you need to minimize the number of visits to your toolbox.

The bags can even hold cordless drills, hammers, screwdrivers, and other common tools that you use almost all the time. To accommodate the extra weight, the harness is made from two inches of heavy-duty webbing that stretches for extra comfort. The primary pocket areas can be positioned around the belt so you can adjust the placement of the tool to your liking.

3. Leathercraft Drill Holster

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While most tool belts have a loop for something like a hammer or belt, a special option like a drill holster can make certain projects easier for your body. A drill holster looks like an old fashioned pistol holster, so you always have your drill by your side for easy access. The Custom Leathercraft 5023 not only gives you a special place for your drill, but it also has several outside pockets for the drills, screws, and other small parts that you need.

Made from polyester, the tool belt is strong enough to carry the weight of many popular drills. A seat belt fits over the holster to secure the drill when not in use. Loosen the strap for immediate access to the holder.

4. Leathercraft IP489X

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Even small, quick projects can benefit from a tool belt. Even when you’re not out and about all day working on a large construction site, it can be handy to have all the tools the project needs close at hand. The Custom Leathercraft IP489X is an affordable, simple tool belt for the casual weekend or repair job that can save you time without having to pace around your toolbox.

Three pockets offer enough space for small tools and parts such as nails, pliers, pens, etc. A leather side loop holds a single hammer or a tape measure. The entire belt is made of suede and is therefore durable for normal use. For something that doesn’t burden you, this is a great option.

Made from polyester, the tool belt is strong enough to carry the weight of many popular drills. A seat belt fits over the holster to secure the drill when not in use. Loosen the strap for immediate access to the holder.

5. Bucket Boss Drill Holster

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You may think a traditional tool belt is nothing more than a couple of bags hanging from a belt, but this pickaxe is far from traditional. Thanks to the modular design of the Bucket Boss 55135, you can wear the belt with an extra level of support and comfort when needed. With the included suspenders you can relieve your hips and wear the belt longer without feeling uncomfortable.

The modular structure also extends to the carrying capacity of the belt. Two large pockets and several pockets are adjustable with Velcro on the belt. Use the pockets you need and place them anywhere on the belt. This setup gives you the ultimate potential to customize your tool belt just the way you want it.

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