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The lAdjustable washing, it is one of the essential tools in plumbing, but it can also provide a large number of services in other areas of the DIY tools category:

Areas of application: plumbing and tightening / loosening bolts / nuts

Difficulty of use: super easy to use tool.

Adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is one of those wrenches that every good DIYer should have in their tool kit, as far as I’m concerned I have at least three of them. Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about the adjustable wrench.

What is an adjustable wrench?

A wrench is actually a fork in which a movable jaw has been attached. But that’s not all, since it was machined in the fork of the rails to guide the moving part and inserted a worm (or wheel) to move the moving part. This mechanism makes it possible to move the mobile part and thus to adjust the distance between the two jaws.

You will understand, the name of this wrench comes from the wheel which is used to tighten / loosen the jaws, thus adjusting the size of the wrench as well as possible.

What is the key for?

Indeed, to tighten or loosen a nut or bolt, you can use different types, the one that comes first to mind is undoubtedly the flat wrench, simple and effective, but you still have to have and carry the set. full of keys to ensure you have the correct one.

Well, the first advantage of the adjustable wrench is that it allows you to adjust the clamping size of the jaws, so it is its biggest advantage the ease of transport, it is only a wrench to carry instead of a set of keys.

The second advantage is that the wrench is generally longer than conventional flat wrenches, so you will have more torque to get a stubborn screw …

Choose a key

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The principle of operation of these two is basically the same, with one small difference:

In the adjustable wrench, the movement of the jaw is carried out using a worm, and its movement is made of grooves. On the other hand, the key opening is at the front, which makes it easier to take nuts / bolts in tight spaces.

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On the key, the movement of the handle is perpendicular to the handle, which facilitates its use. On the other hand, the opening is lateral, which can be less practical in certain cases.

Materials of construction

Most of the keys are steel, more or less smooth and strong, so far I have never managed to break them.

For a better grip, I recommend keys whose handle is covered with a grip, it is more comfortable and less likely to damage the support on which it is placed.


They come in all sizes, large for maximum, and small for small nuts and hard-to-reach areas.

Therefore, the size of the hole is partly related to the size of the screws to be unscrewed and, on the other hand, how much force you will need.

Personally, I have 2 adjustable wrenches:

Which one ?

The principle of operation of these 2 tools is the same, with a small difference:

My selection

Here is my selection of adjustable wrenches that can be found in tool stores or on Amazon:

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How to use an adjustable wrench?

Using an adjustable wrench couldn’t be simpler:

Suggestion for maintenance personnel:

To make tightening / loosening even easier, make full use of the wrench’s lever arm using the bottom of the handle to activate.

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Note: Some products are dangerous: follow the precautions for use.

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