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The acrylic sealer is widely used for the pre-painting finish, here is everything you need to know about this miracle product and its application.

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Difficulty of use: super easy to apply and work

Acrylic sealant

Widely used by renovation professionals, acrylic sealant is still little known to people, so here are all the answers to your questions …

The acrylic sealer?

Acrylic putty is made in the same way as acrylic paint, although the texture is very different, as acrylic putty is very compact and is not as runny as paint can be.

It usually comes in a 280ml cartridge, just like silicone.

We know white putty, but did you know? that there is a wide variety of colors in acrylic sealants, and that they are used by professionals for custom furniture finishes.

… I’m telling you, but we must also recognize that they are not always easy to find. In DIY stores we often have the choice between 2 or 4 colors of mastic, we have white, oak, beech and perhaps transparent ”

What is the difference between acrylic sealant and silicone?

Unlike silicone, which is very resistant to water and humidity (which is why everyone uses it for sinks, tubs and sinks, acrylic sealant can dissolve in water, especially when it is not yet dry.

Acrylic sealant also has the great advantage of being paintable, which silicone does not.

Why is it?

As I mentioned in the introduction, acrylic sealant is very easy to use, easily retrievable, and quite inexpensive, making it a fairly widely used home improvement product. Here are some examples of its uses:

  • Filling cracks or holes in a wall or ceiling
  • The junction between a plinth and the wall
  • The joint between an angle iron and the wall
  • The filling between the sealing strips
  • The infill between the floor slats
  • Custom furniture finishes / designs
  • Finishes around a door or window frame

How to use it?

You see, it is not easier to use, but it is that you will need an indispensable tool, namely a cartridge gun, but do not hesitate to invest in a quality one, it will be a little more expensive, but it will last you for many years …

Here are the few steps for installing an acrylic stamp:

  1. Open the sealant cartridge by cutting, using a cutter, the tip of the cartridge, the upper part of the wire. No need to cut too much, the plastic of the cartridge is not very thick at this stage
  2. Screw on the cannula (the plastic shaped tip)
  3. Cut the end of the cannula at an angle, there are indications on the plastic to guide it.
  4. Insert the cartridge into the gun and push the plunger down to adjust the pressure caulk.
  5. Apply the sealant by gently pressing the trigger
  6. Smooth the acrylic pad with your finger if necessary
  7. When you are finished, always close the cannula with the cap, but consider reusing it in less than a year, the putty may dry out.

Tip: depending on the size of the tip, the flow will be more or less important, so I advise you to test before cutting the tip too much.

So far, everything you need to know about acrylic sealant 🙂

Associated tools

Here are some examples of tools I use with acrylic sealer:

  • Rubson brand acrylic sealant cartridge, never let me down
  • A weapon from The Wolfcraft, the best value for money that I know
  • A cutter
  • Rubson Mastic Construction Walls and Windows White 280 ml Price: 4.99 EUR Price ant: 6.90 EUR
  • Wolfcraft 4352000 MG 200 Ergo Mechanical Cartridge Gun Price: 8.90 EUR

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Judicial advice:

Some products are dangerous: follow the manufacturer’s precautions.

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