Insulate your windows with an acrylic seal. – DIY manual

To protect against water infiltration around exterior windows, it is necessary to apply an acrylic seal, protective and insulating.

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Category: Insulation

Difficulty level: 1/5 (1/5 is very easy)

Duration: 20 minutes to insulate a window.

The steps to follow to apply an acrylic sealant to insulate a window:

  1. Delete the old one acrylic stamp (if there is one), and all masonry / plaster pieces using a utility knife or utility knife.
  2. Clean the dust pan with a wire brush.
  3. Apply the acrylic gasket calmly using a caulking gun, filling all holes to ensure a perfect seal, while trying to apply constant pressure to the gun trigger.
  4. Smooth and remove the excess with a wet finger.
  5. Leave to dry for the time specified by the manufacturer.
  6. Once the joint is dry, you can paint.

The necessary tools:

  • A cutter to remove the old tampon
  • A brush
  • Putty gun
  • An acrylic sealant cartridge (available in white or other colors)

DIY tip:

Recommended products:

Product sold in supermarkets: Cartridge exterior seal acrylic brand “rubson” and mastic for gun (between 5 € and 15 €)

  • Rubson Mastic Construction Walls and Windows White 280 ml Price: 4.99 EUR Premium: 6.90 EUR
  • Wolfcraft 4352000 MG 200 Ergo Mechanical Cartridge Gun Price: 8.90 EUR

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Some products are dangerous. Observe the precautions for use.

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