Mailbox lock: how to change it?

If the mailbox is locked or if you have lost the key. Here are some tips to take it apart and then change it …

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Difficulty level: 1/5 (1/5 is very easy)

Duration: 30 minutes of work to dismantle and change the barrel. a mailbox lock

Have you lost your mailbox key or is it locked?

It is most likely that a mailbox is blocked, we cannot say that it is the most secure system, so its replacement is very easy.

The steps to follow to change a locked mailbox:

Before fitting your new lock, you will have to dismantle the old one or even force it, if you no longer have the keys.

Force locking:

Forcing a block of this type is not very complicated, but depending on its quality, forcing may take longer, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Put on gloves and safety glasses.
    2. With a drill, at least 14.4V, fitted with a metal bit, or even a tungsten carbide bit, stand perpendicular to the lock and start with the lock by drilling it.
    3. As soon as you have passed the lock, the door should open without difficulty.
    4. Remove all parts from the old lock.

Dismantling of the previous block:

I know I lock the mailbox from the inside, you will not be able to solve it without damaging it, if it is on the outside (how lucky :-)) there are no more disadvantages.

  1. Open the mailbox.
  2. Unscrew, with a key, the nut that holds the lock to the letterbox door, to unscrew a rusty nut, you can use a rust remover.
  3. Remove all parts from the old padlock.

Put a new lock:

Once there is free space, you can mount the new lock.

  1. Put the lock on the door.
  2. Always test the key before closing it. Position the barrel and check that the door can be closed.
  3. Then tighten the nut with a wrench.
  4. Your new mailbox is installed.

The necessary tools:

  • A new drum.
  • An Allen key of the correct diameter, otherwise a wrench.
  • A drill (optional).
  • A metal wick (optional).
  • Nonstick (optional).

Judicial advice:

Some products are dangerous: follow the precautions for use. When working with electrical devices, remember to use the appropriate protections.

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