Measuring Master app from Bosch

Bosch keep updating your electric tools, while offering the latest connectivity and technology through applications for smartphones and tablets. In this opportunity we refer to the application Measuring Master.

Measuring Master is a multifunctional application that allows you to document and manage measurements site plans, floor plans and temperature measurements all in one tool. Likewise, the app allows you to draw floor plans, measure and add doors and windows in the view of Wall, export drawings as .pdf files, share them with the team via email, and much more.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

The application has the functionality that allows you to connect via Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled laser meters such as the GLM 50 C and the GLM 100 Cas well as the GIS 1000 C thermal detector that allows transferring measurements directly from the laser meter in real time.

All of this functionality is done without the need for messy notes, papers, or project folders, increasing productivity and efficiency in daily work. The application is especially suitable for architects, painters, engineers, heating installers and electricians. However, professionals in other lines of work can also benefit from its comprehensive functionality.

Principal functions

Among the main functions of the app Bosch, we can mention the following:

  • Image mode: measured values ​​can be directly transferred to images.
  • Quick Sketch – Quickly create simplified sketches that can then be adopted into detailed floor plans.
  • Detailed Floor Plans – Create floor plans, including wall view, room height, ceiling pitch, and area calculation.
  • Wall View – Documents the dimensions of the wall, including the slope of the ceiling, the height of the room, and objects.
  • Area calculation – Thermal imaging: image display thermals of the GTC 400 C Professional.
  • Temperature documentation: measurements of temperature such as surface temperature, humidity, ambient temperature, average surface temperature, dew points, and emissivity values ​​can be directly transferred to images.
  • Notes, tasks and audio notes.

Measuring Master Features

Is tool It has been carefully designed, with the idea of ​​providing the greatest benefit and the greatest ease to the users. Its most outstanding features are:

Easy to use and intuitive

The application Measuring Master It offers a wealth of features, is clearly structured, and is easy to use.

At the beginning the application asks the user in which work area they are working and uses this information to build a menu that contains all the relevant functions. These settings can be adjusted manually if necessary. When the app starts, it detects all nearby active Bluetooth devices and suggests that they be used. The app saves the selected device as the default device for the future, allowing professionals to conveniently switch between devices at any time.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

Tested and new features

The proven functions of the above applications are combined: for example, users can take photos or import images into the application and directly assign the recorded angles, the measured values ​​of length or the measured values ​​of temperature to the relevant points of the photo without have to transfer them manually.

Results can also be saved as a list. Extensive floor plan processing is particularly helpful for planners. These can be created in the application itself or imported as an image and processed. The lengths and heights of the digital artwork automatically match the measured values ​​and are displayed proportionally.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

The Quick Sketch feature, which allows floor plans to be displayed in the form of a simple line drawing, is a new feature. This makes it easy for professionals to calculate material quickly. If more details are required in the course of further processing, the line drawing can be transformed into a detailed floor plan.

Professionals for whom wall view is particularly important, for example window and door installers, can draw and measure this view more accurately thanks to new features. You also have the option to show ceiling slopes in the wall view.

High professionalism and productivity

All functions provided by the application Measuring Master They aim to optimize workflow, simplify processes and avoid manual data transfer errors. Digitization provides planners and professionals with a clear and structured overview of all their projects at all times, and it also means that they can exchange data with colleagues, bosses and contractors quickly via email, saving valuable time.

A general use guide

The tool It has an intuitive and easy-to-use screen where the main options can be viewed. We will describe each of these options and the corresponding functions.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

A closer look at the main screen

In the upper left corner there is the information symbol identified with a letter “i”; followed by the icon with a silhouette of a person from where you can send an email to the support team; and then you will be able to see the “play” button which allows you to access the application’s tutorial videos.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

At the top right you will find three buttons. The first shows the traditional question mark that gives you access to the most frequently asked questions about using the app. The second, shaped like a gear, gives you access to existing projects. And the Bluetooth button, which shows the devices available for connection, in a list where you will see the name of the tool and the last four digits of the serial, which is on the back of the equipment.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

Measuring Master – Bluetooth

Create a project

This option is also available on the main screen, in the central area. It comes in the form of a box with a “+” sign in the center. By clicking on said box, a screen is enabled where you must enter the respective data.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

To start you can just enter the name, since the rest of the data is not mandatory. The contact data is then entered manually or imported from the address book of your device.

When you enter a contact, at the bottom of the screen you can enter data from the person’s professional field, and the corresponding actions will be activated. However, you can manually activate the actions you want.

Once the organizing phase is finished, the app shows the options with which you can continue. The option to assign an image to the project is presented and at the far right of the screen, the button is presented to edit some data of the project that has just been created.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

The different options that the app provides for managing a created project appear in the menu on the left.

Menu options for a project

Customer data– Refers to general customer information.

Floor plans: Presents two alternatives “Detailed plans” and “Quick sketch”. The first allows a detailed plan to be drawn up and facilitates a wide range of functions. The second option allows you to manually draw a plane with angles of 90 degrees.

Quick sketch allows you to draw a plan with your fingers, as well as assign the measurements of the walls and mark the location of doors, electrical current connectors, stairs, windows, etc. All this in an intuitive and easy-to-use environment.

Measuring Master app from Bosch

Measurements: allows you to import or manually perform the measurements required for the project, such as measurement of walls, areas, temperatures, quantity of materials and allows you to import images to create a much more realistic and detailed plan.

Measuring Master - Length Measurement

Measuring Master – Length Measurement

Measuring Master - Temperature measurement

Measuring Master – Temperature measurement

Attachments: Includes “Notes” and “To do’s” options. Both menu options allow you to jot down notes and comments on pending tasks to be done in the project.

Measuring Master - Notes

Measuring Master – Notes

Measuring Master - Pending Tasks

Measuring Master – Pending Tasks

Download the app and compatible devices

The application Measuring Master is available for free download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Works with cell phones and tables.

It is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android from version 4.3
  • iOS iPhone (from 4S)
  • iPad (from the third generation)
  • iPad Air (from the first generation)
  • iPad mini (from the first generation)

Tools compatible with Measuring Master

The application supports the following tools:

  • The distance meters GLM 50 C Professional, GLM 100 C Professional and GLM 120 C Professional lasers.
  • The thermal camera GTC 400 C Professional (not available in all countries).
  • The GIS 1000 C Professional thermodetector (not available in all countries).

The Measuring Master It is undoubtedly a very versatile and useful application for professionals in various fields of work. This is one of the developments that Bosch has us used to, so we expect to see further advancements in this field of digital technology.

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