Types of bits and plugs to be used according to each material

In this type of taco, know the load you need to bear It’s fundamental. There are plasterboard blocks with more or less resistance, divided into three load groups: the light ones, which hold less than 15 kg, the medium ones, for between 15 and 30 kg, and the heavy load ones, which provide resistance in amounts greater than 30 kg. In the last step it is recommended that we place reinforcements that do not cause any unexpected falls.

By last, there are countless types of drywall dowels, but a group of them are the most frequent. The list includes butterfly studs, Molly expansion studs, nail studs, umbrella studs, and chemical studs that I mentioned earlier. Each of these studs differs from the others by its shape and by the amount of weight they resist. For example, the butterfly ones support medium loads, while the Molly ones, which are widely used in the professional industry, support a good volume of weight.

Here you can see some of the best dowels for plasterboard:

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